Another After Buzz in the books, and man did I ramble on this one. I'm not sure if I really rambled, but I did cover a slew of different topics.

A lot of this After Buzz was based on questions brought up in the chat during the MoSho yesterday. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Glitch Gaming Center came in and we scared the crap out of Lisa and Joanna with the Paranormal Activity experience.
  • We talked about paintball and how the game we played earlier in the week went down. That video will be coming soon.
    • At one point Emily almost got hit in the head and we thought it would look cool on camera, but we weren't sure. (I looked at the footage and you can't see anything, which sucks.)
    • And I also shot Buzz in the head when that's all I could see of him. Granted he has a giant head, but still, it was a nice shot.
    • I answer the question about what kind of headphones to get.
    • And we go down a brief rabbit hole of video games.