Yet another After Buzz, and yet more random ass topics that get me babbling. Here are some of the things we covered.

  • First, I talk about how Mr. Skin answers the phone. I was the one who gave him a call when we interviewed him and he answer it "You got skin!" Not sure why, but that made my day.
  • I talk about seeing Metallica live, and yes, they are AWESOME!
  • Another subject that will probably come up in later debates, or even on the show as a game, was the best guitar riffs ever. I just find that topic to be a fun one.
  • And I talk about a bachelor party I went to out in the sticks of Oregon where they had to bring strippers in from another town. And the party was at a slaughter house. Yes A slaughter house, as in the place where they slaughter the cows and the floors were slippery from the oils in the fats of the meat. F***ing gross.