Buzz joined me for this week's After Buzz and we covered a few different topics.

First, I correct myself of an error I made in the last After Buzz that was done a few weeks ago. I thought it was Thunderkiss '65 that White Zombie was playing in Airheads. It was actually Feed the Gods.

Next I talk about my wardrobe. No more t-shirts and hoodies for me. Well, at least not every day. The reason? I don't have to pick my outfit anymore. I told my fiancee that if she wants to pick out an outfit for me, I'll wear it. Seriously, the whole reason I always wore the same thing every day is I didn't want to waste my time with that decision. If she's willing to make the decision for me, I'll wear what she picks.

Next, we had a giveaway for the I-Suspect murder mystery dinner. Which then leads to me quizzing Buzz with some detective questions.