Yet another After Buzz coming to you live from my house with my beautiful wife. Here's what we're talking about:

  • Believing things on the Internet just because they happen to be on the Internet. I can't believe I still have to talk about this, but it's still a thing and it's almost getting worse. Thanks to our lovely President.
    • Here's the deal though. This is what I see a lot. People will blame the 'mainstream media' because they're just pushing their 'agenda'. So people will take a story that might have an error in it and use that as proof. And that one error means they can't be trusted ever again. But this same person will then use something the President says that was true and use that as proof that he's always right. But they ignore ALL the times the President lied his ass off and pass that off as something other than just him being wrong.
  • Oh, and we talk about other things too.