Here is what I covered on this week's After Buzz.

  • The purchasing of Rage Against the Machine tickets. It wasn't easy, it was very nerve wracking, and very expensive. But dammit I got the tickets!
  • I give a Valentine's Day recap.
  • I've worked many odd jobs in my life, including time at lumber yards. A buddy of mine just couldn't get this customer to understand his answer to a question, so it took it to a whole new level.
  • There is a possible Community movie in the works. And the Community subreddit monitors suck. They deleted my post for no reason.
  • And I talk about assuming racism. I grew up in Oregon. Lots of white people assuming racism up there. Of course, this isn't to downplay actual racism. It does exist and should be called out. But to jump to that conclusion without properly understanding the full situation is pretty dangerous.