Here is what I'm talking about in this episode:

  • I fell again. This time is was pretty damn hard. I was running with out puppy Lucy and my foot clipped an uneven part of the sidewalk. I was just able to tuck my arm in and basically land on my left arm as it was tucked to my chest. I'm pretty sure I gave myself whiplash.
  • We were talking about Dave Grohl's birthday on the show and that brought me back to Satyricon in Portland, OR which was a club that a lot of the grunge bands played before they made it big.
  • I recommend some 90's movies for anyone who wants a good nostalgia feel.
  • I read some funny stories about LSU head coach Ed Orgeron.
  • I was going to talk more about MTV and going to the arcade, but we'll save those for next week.
  • I also cover the alleged script that leaked of the original script for Star Wars Episode XI. If you want to see the full synopsis, you can head over to my other blog by CLICKING HERE.