We are certainly in strange times. Other than being in the studio to do the Buzz Adams Morning Show, we have been told to stay home. So, that means doing The After Buzz from my house. And on this episode, my beautiful wife joined me.

Of course we're talking COVID-19 and the lockdown. But we also chat with The Wife about her, being born in Juarez, growing up in El Paso, and going to UTEP.

Also, right at the end of the this episode someone in the chat brings up 90 Day Fiance and holy cow did we fall down a rabbit hole. So that gave me an idea. Since we're going to be on lockdown for awhile, maybe the wife and I do a 90 Day Fiance recap/reaction show after it airs. Well, not that night because it wraps up at 9am MST and I gotta get up for bed the next day. But maybe we'll do one on Mondays.