National Candy Day is November 4th and in celebration of that sugary, most joyous of occasions, we've asked the morning show crew what candy really does it for their sweet teeth.

She admitted to being a bit of a choco-phile. "Just chocolates and it doesn't matter which one I love them all, any chocolate will do. I always have a stash around my house somewhere."

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Joanna had some chocolate love but a lot of bear hate. "I guess I go for Snickers when it comes to candy. Or gummy worms but not the bears I hate gummy bears and their stupid bear shape."

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Buzz had a weird Christmas disclaimer to his favorite candy. "M&M's specifically peanut M&M's are my go-to. Unless it's around Christmas then it's got to be Queen Anne's cordials!"

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He had the only non-chocolate candy favorite. "I love sour candy. I love most gummies but it specifically gummy bears and gummy worms but also flavored hard candies like jolly ranchers those are dope."

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Did you know that according to Encyclopedia Britannica, candy has been around for hundreds of years? Unfortunately, people didn't have access to sugar, so original candies were made from a bear's favorite treat: honey!

Ye old confectioners would take fruits and nuts and cover them in honey thereby making a delicious handheld treat and preserving whatever was inside.

Today most candy is mass-produced but if you're looking for some interesting homemade candy ideas check out these recipes.

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