Coming into work Friday at 4:30 am, I could see that my neighborhood McDonald's in the 7900 block of N. Mesa was swarming with EPPD officers. On my way home from work at 2 pm, it was just as busy. Here’s what happened, according to police.

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On Thursday evening, October 28th, around 10 pm, there was a drug deal in the McDonald’s parking lot that went "sideways."  According to reports, it was a drug "transaction," that turned into a robbery, that turned into a murder...

They’re not giving the name of the victim but police indicate that it was the “seller” who was shot by the “customers”. They are giving the name of the alleged suspects. Tranquil Card, 24 of Las Cruces, and Robron Lewis, 22 of El Paso were tracked down to the UTEP campus where they were reportedly found hiding in the stage area of an auditorium.


Photo by Jay Rembert on Unsplash

This is the 25th recorded homicide of 2021, compared to 22 recorded homicides at this time for last year.

Here’s the depressing part: the murder was over marijuana... Card and Lewis are suspected of killing the man and stealing the marijuana he was selling.

Marijuana? Seriously? If only there was some way of…I don’t know…buying marijuana inside a safe, well-lit business where guns aren’t even allowed and a portion of the transaction would be taxed and go into building parks and schools and repairing infrastructure. I know! What a crazy idea, right? It’s the kind of pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking that could ONLY be possible in…let’s see…18 of our fellow states and our own national capital.



Your marijuana connection should be a helpful and knowledgeable “bud-tender”, not somebody you meet up with and possibly kill in the parking lot of Mickey Ds.


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