AirBnB just released a really unique list; it's called the "Most Wish-Listed Unique Stays". Listing them by state, AirBnB states these are their listings that are on people's "wish list".

With traveling restrictions is some parts of the country, AirBnB recognized a growing trend of "wish list wanderlust" as most American's are itching to get out! Their unique list of wish listed stays across the country, AirBnB found the number one in each state. Among castles, tiny homes and an entire "Pirates of the Caribbean" experience, each state offers different experiences.

In Texas, if you're looking for some adventure, you can travel to Dallas and stay in a luxurious treehouse! "The Extraordinary Treehouse" can accommodate four guests with it's two bedrooms and two baths.


For just $334 a night, this entire treehouse could be yours! You can check out more pictures of this Extraordinary Treehouse by clicking this link.

If travelling the almost 10 hours to Dallas seems too far, there is a slightly closer option in New Mexico!

Just 5 hours away in Santa Fe, you can stay at the Casita Don Gaspar house. for just $100 a night.


The house can accommodate two guests as it has only one bedroom and one bath.

Because traveling during the pandemic is a little more difficult, and you're looking for something closer- look no further! Here in El Paso, we have some great listings to make your staycation as unique as you! And, for the ultimate Disney fan, you can check out this amazing Toy Story inspired AirBnB!

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