This is the trailer mashup we've needed ever since Tiger King became a thing on Netflix. It's a brilliant mashup of The Lion King and Tiger King.

You have Joe Exotic as Simba. Carole Baskin as Scar. Other than that, it's kind of up to your imagination who would be playing who. So here is goes, here's your cast:

  • Joe Exotic as Simba
  • Carole Baskin as Scar
  • John Finlay as Timon
  • Travis Maldonado as Pumbaa
  • Garold Schreibvogel (Joe's brother who died) as Mufasa
  • John Reinke (GW Zoo's General Manager) as Zazu
  • Nala (Joe Exotic's current husband) as Nala
  • Jeff Lowe as Shenzi (the hyena)
  • James Gerretson as Banzai (the hyena)
  • Joshua Dial (Joe Exotic's Presidential and Gubernatorial campaign manager) as Rafiki

You haven't seen Tiger King or The Lion King, holy crap, what have you been doing with your time. But if you have Netflix and Disney+, you can watch them both now. But after you see this trailer mashup.