We all have bad days & some days we all need a little "pick me up". For some people, myself included, music is a sure fire way to get in a better mood. That's exactly what this salesman thought too...

That was a video of a dancing salesman from Charlie Clark Nissan with a simple goal: to make customers smile & have a great day. The video was taken by a user on Instagram called "yellow.oceann" & the comments on the video have been nothing but absolutely positive.

Fit Fam El Paso via Instagram
Fit Fam El Paso via Instagram
Fit Fam El Paso via Instagram

So who exactly IS this guy? Well you may have noticed a couple of the comments mention the name "Bobby" & the man dancing is none other than Bobby Bone. The 43 year old graduated from Andres High School back in 1997, studied Kinesiology at UTEP from 2003-2005, and is now a marketing specialist at Charlie Clark Nissan when he started working back in December of 2019.

And how does Bobby feel about having his dancing show on Fit Fam & the world to see? He loves it. In fact, he even a comment on the video saying:

"El Paso is the best city to grow up and raise children in our culture is strong and you can tell be the love and support that I get from everybody I love you all and I get my energy from God and from you!!!!!"

So the next time you go to Charlie Clark Nissan, you might see Bobby showing off some more of his dance moves & hopefully your day gets a little bit brighter.

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