Time magazine just released this morning their "Person of the Year" Award.

One of the biggest news story of the year has become Time magazine's "Person of the Year." From Hollywood executives, musicians, politicians and more, sexual harassment and the brave women who spoke up with the #MeToo hashtag have been named the Persons of the Year.

The "Silence Breakers," are on the cover of the magazine, the women who started the national outcry against sexual harassment in the workplace and more. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood were interviewed for this 91st "Person of the Year" issue- from pop star Taylor Swift and actresses Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan, Selma Blair Alyssa Milano and more. But they also made sure to interview the everyday women who have bee affected by sexual harassment. From the Plaza Hotel plaintiffs who are suing management regarding their sexual harassment claims, as well as social activist Tarana Burk, who created the social media movement #MeToo. Many women and men are highlighted in the article for their stories and how they have chosen to speak up and be the voice for the millions who still stay silent, for fear for their life or livelihood.

The magazine also noted that the runner-up was President Donald Trump. Other names considered were Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the Dreamers,  Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and special prosecutor Robert Mueller.