I was spending some time on lockdown going through Reddit because, well, that's why I do, and this questions popped up...

Here are some of the top answers on the board!

  • Seth Rogen - He plays Seth Rogen on every possible movie
  • Kevin Hart - Making and receiving jokes about his own diminutive stature is a given. I think the fact that I can’t remember a single one of his characters’ names speaks for itself.
  • Kevin James - Any film is instantly a paul blart: mall cop spinoff in my mind now
  • Dwayne Johnson - As a buff dude-spy who can fly helicopters and perform CPR who is sometimes funny
  • Vin Diesel - Same role in every movie, the semi muscular bad ass hero with 90s cool lines. It's the delivery. He knows how to put the feeling of 'family' in his lines.
  • Jason Statham - EXCEPT THE MOVIE SNATCH lol that's my favorite movie of his and yea I guess he played a lil different role, so I'll give ya that one... I once heard a comedian say that all of his movies should just be numbered. "Jason Statham 9: He fights a shark in this one." 
  • Don't know his name but he's a Spanish(mexican?) Actor who plays a gangsters in almost all his movies. Pretty sure his name is usually Hector too. Bald head, white tank top, goatee I think. You guys know who I'm talking about...   His name is Noel Gugliemi