Mustache? Goatee? Soul patch? Beard? What is your favorite kind of facial hair?

A new survey polled 2000 Americans about facial hair and confidence. Here is what it found. (Take into account that the survey was put on by Honest Amish, a company that makes facial hair products.)

  • The average male ranked their happiness with their facial hair a 6 out of 10.
  • Just about half of the respondents weren't happy with the speed their facial hair grows. Some weren't happy it doesn't grow evenly, and some thought their facial hair grows too slow.
  • Other complaints they had were patchiness and uneven coloring.
  • In order to get the perfect beard, 4 in 10 men were willing to spend a night in jail, or give up coffee for a year.
  • 73% of men believe facial hair makes them more attractive, with 63% of women having that belief.
  • Three quarters of both men and women believe facial hair has become more socially acceptable

So, what is the most attractive facial hair? A full, but well trimmed beard!