'Karen'. It is a name that has become synonymous with asking for the manager or calling the police on a group of kids just looking to sell some lemonade.

But where did this whole thing start? Well, that question was posed to Reddit and some interesting answers came up. Here are some of the top answers. But the real answer is most likely the video at the bottom.

  • Karen Zero was Kate Gosselin from Jon and Kate Plus 8.
  • It's like the coronavirus, there are theories but no one knows for sure, we only know it appeared, infected a great part of the population, got a silly name and screwed us over
  • I have never understood why they are called 'Karens.' I have worked in retail for twenty years of my life, everything from the lowest on the totem pole on up to store management, and I have dealt with all manner of customer difficulties. I promise you, it's not Karen who acts entitled and comes up with all manner of circumstances to make my life difficult.

    But goddamnit...watch the eff out for anyone named Lori, Kathryn, Jane, or Debra.

  • I think it started with a certain type of haircut. And women with these cuts were usually in their 40s and were the type that would always complain to customer service. The "I'd like to speak to the manager" haircut if you will. Someone labeled them as a Karen and It has since blossomed to what it is today. Karen is a somewhat common generic girl name for their age.

Okay, so what is the origin for this 'Karen' craze? Look no further than Dane Cook.