Texas has so many amazing things for you to see and do. But one of the best? EAT. We may think we're the best in the nation but one state topped Texas.

All over the United States, different states and regions have various cuisines that they are known and celebrated for. From BBQ, Mexican fusion, Hawaiian, seaside tacos, pizza from the region of your choice and more, America is a haven for foodies around the world. But the real question is- what state has the ultimate food for you to enjoy?

Thrillist came up with a list ranking each state based of their food to see which one has the best cuisine for you to enjoy. They look at various factors, including cities known for their quality cuisine and restaurant hot spots, state specialties, fresh ingredients like produce, meat and more. They took in people's personal tastes and opinions of food but the variety and quality of certain states simply outshone others.

Texas came out obviously as one of the top states at number 2 for obvious reasons. People come from all over the world to enjoy some of the great restaurants and cities we have here full of fabulous food options. Here is what Thrillist had to say about the Lone Star state's food:

Whereas most states have one style of BBQ -- maybe two -- Texas has four: East, Central, South, and West (sorry, North). And these styles, particularly Central Texas, happen to be among our favorite barbecue in the whole world. There’s a reason that line is so long at Franklin, y’all (wishing speedy recovery after that fire). Texans invented their own style of cuisine (Tex-Mex), their own style of chili (no beans!), and the ballpark nachos (in 1973 at Arlington Stadium). There are famous cattle ranches like King in South Texas, which is bigger than all of Rhode Island, and their wares are served in preparations as varied as "giant hunk of meat" and "deep-fried giant hunk of flattened meat." You could make a damn compelling case that four cities (Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and, OK, maybe Dallas/Fort Worth) are all destination-worthy when it comes to eating. Dining at Whataburger could well push a Double-Double out of your cult-chain manifesto, and kolaches are king. Texas is a culinary wonderland… unless you're a staunch vegetarian who can't stand the omnipresent smell of smoked meat wafting through the air.

So who was the only state that beat Texas? California was the lucky winner. Thrillist argues that the "long" and "diverse" state has plenty of various cuisine to choose from at all cost points. You could try amazing food at a dive bar or food truck on the side of the road, then head to a uber exclusive, expensive restaurant to shell out thousands for a single meal. Not to mention how much fresh, local produce and seafood can be picked in the morning and in a dish by the afternoon. While they may have Texas beat in some aspects, there is one thing Californians will never have that we do- we created Whataburger. Game over.

Check out their entire list at the website.