When you see someone speeding on the streets, zipping in and out of traffic, do you ever stop and wonder just what they're in such a hurry for? Could just be an a**hole who wants to get by everyone.

Or, it could be someone like a Georgia woman who was trying to get her pregnant daughter to the hospital because she was in labor.

It was dark and the roads were wet. When the woman tried to make a turn, her car hydroplaned, hitting a curb and a light pole, until finally hitting a brick wall. When police arrived on the scene, one of the women could be heard saying "I gave birth in the car".

One of the officers began searching the car, eventually finding the newborn in the back, under the seat with the umbilical cord still attached. The whole family was taken to the hospital, with the newborn being placed in the neonatal ICU, but it was in stable condition.