I eat hard boiled eggs almost every day. They're a great source of protein and go great with a salad. And oh, deviled eggs? Sweet Moses those things are delicious. They can be a b**** to peel though. Someone just shared this video of how to easily peel a hard boiled egg.

Now, there are a lot of people completely up in arms over this video? What could people possibly be upset about? The fact someone is eating an unborn baby fetus? Nope, they're upset this person left the water running throughout the whole video.

Think I'm joking? Just go check out the all the comments under the video. So I looked up whether or not you can "waste" water. Well, no, you can't, but distribution of water is a problem. Check out this article from 2010 that explains it by CLICKING HERE.

Now, it's time to go try this trick out and see if it actually works for me.